Norwegian/French Visual artist based in Copenhagen Denmark.
Born in an artist family Oslo/Norway 1971.


2008-2009 Heatherley School of fine Arts - London UK 

2003-2005 Creapole ESDI - Paris France - Master Visual Communication

1997-1999 Creapole ESDI - Paris France - Bachelor Visual Communication

Represented by Afla Gallery - Miami - FL


2020 Alfa Gallery - 3D - Art Basel week - Miami Florida

2019  North Artfair - Væg gallery - Aalborg Denmark

2019  Væg Gallery - We paint - Aalborg Denmark

2018  Østerbrosalonen - Copenhagen Denmark

2108  North Artfair - Væg gallery - Aalborg Denmark

2018  Aarhussalonen - Aarhus Denmark

2018  Væg Gallery - Spring Selection - Aalborg Denmark

2018  Røm Gallery  - SHOW UP - Copenhagen Denmark

2017  Væg Gallery - The devils in the details - Aalborg Denmark

2017  Saatchi art - London UK

2013  Galleri A - Winter Selection - Oslo Norway

2012  NOo SPHERE Arts Gallery - International Juried Show - Finalist - New York USA

2012  Galleri Ramfjord - International Juried show - Finalist - Oslo Norway

Heavily influenced by Scandinavian architecture, Anne-Sophies work is about reducing forms to basic elements: structure, support and materials. Besides paint, she creates surfaces with materials such as clay, sand, cement or plaster. Influenced by her graphical background she uses images or visuals archived in her subjective memory to create a composition. Working mainly with large formats, she’s challenged by the conjunction of the idea of a form and the materials that she uses. Through deconstruction and reconstruction of the surface she works through a process where the final result goes beyond the subjective form of the original image. The value of a monochrome painting becomes a strategy or a technique. Its self-imposed limitations are often regarded as demanding or difficult, she finds it making her work quite alive and accessible. How light creates shapes in a composition. During the process she explores the physical effect light and color has on us, as well as the feelings a piece of work can evoke.

Anne-Sophie has been living many years in Oslo, Paris and London before settling down in Copenhagen.

Her work is to be found in private collections in Europe, Asia and the USA.

Artists who inspire her work

Amoung others, Rudolf Stingels Electroformed copper work, Ryman, Erbs, Solages, Rauschenbergs and Hartungs monochrome, minimalistic, conceptual art.